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The Artistic Collective of Terranauts (ACT) is a collective founded by Tomek Dersu Aaron Whitfield and Boudewien Chalmers Hoynck van Papendrecht. Terranauts refers to individuals living with the awareness that we are all crew on a finite planet that has no source of resupply; Spaceship Earth. We find our purpose in the process whilst working towards bold and ambitious goals. Our projects are collaborative, with each member contributing from their skill set while also learning, growing and developing new skills through collaboration.

Ceres program

ACT’s first project is Ceres program, an ongoing research project with the aim of showing people how beautiful our Earth is by letting them experience the Overview Effect. Just as astronauts in space see how beautiful and fragile our Earth is, Ceres shows this without leaving its surface. The project is a fictional space program that is divided into missions, each mission is a series of documentary style images exploring the surface of a potentially habitable planet that could be a home for the future of humanity.

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Think, Reflect, Act.
A manifesto about purpose.

In 2023 ACT published a manifesto with a call to action towards the creative process. This manifesto explores the question of what our purpose is in life, reasoning that our purpose is to live with intention, expand our ability and gain overview.

Click here to read Think, Reflect, Act. A manifesto about purpose. or click here to request the limited edition Riso printed version.

Accompanied by the Pillars of Creation, three paragraphs that can read as a mantra and will help remind the reader how they should go through life and what their message should be.

Pillars of Creation


We show up to each activity with a clear intention to be fully engaged with it. We work with a serene focus to be relaxed and have a sense of enjoyment in that activity.

We give that one thing our wholehearted attention.


We set goals that seem impossible to achieve, embrace that it will take time to get there, and start with the small things.

It is through careful and persistent work that we gain the ability to achieve them.


Every day we make decisions, work on projects, and think about what to do next. Oftentimes we become distracted, confused, lost in thought, or overwhelmed.

By taking a step back and zooming out, we can regain a sense of space and clarity; an overview of where we are.